Everything you need to know

Made-to-Measure garmets are adapted from existing blocks, unlike bespoke, where the tailor will draft the shape from scratch. Our made-to-measure suits can take 4-6 weeks to be measured and made, whereas bespoke suits can take up to 6 months.

Our entry pieces for a two piece suit begin at £650 & a three piece starts from £850. This includes customisation options, however prices may vary upon the fabric chosen and any additional options. To place an order for a suit you will need to pay a deposit, this amount will be half of your estimated total bill.


A made to measure suit can take between 4 and 6 weeks to be made and delivered. As soon as your fitting and design descicions have been finalised and your order has been processed, we will be able to notify you an estimated date for your first fitting.

Once you suit has been delivered into the Lewis Yates store, we'll invite you to come by for a second fitting. Here we will take a few minor adjustments if it's needed. A second round of alterations can take a further 1-14 days to complete.

If you require an express service to receive your suit sooner, there will be a an additional charge.

Your Style

Whether it's short-sleeve, long-sleeve a classic fit or super slim fit, the choice is yours. To produce these shirts, ETON uses ‘Extra Long Staple Cotton’, a world-famous cotton known for its unique combination of strength and durability, which makes it an optimal choice for our premium shirts. Longevity is important to us. That’s why we are obsessed with quality, and that’s why we put in the effort to always use the best materials. Don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself.

Your Fit

Finding a perfectly fitted shirt can sometimes feel like a chore, however with our guidance we can create your own unique collection of sophisticated and stylist shirts.
For over ninety years ETON has constructed shirts to fit all body types, so that you can find the shirt that is perfect fit for you. We offer endless alterations to make certain that you receive the perfect shirt for you. As a result, when you have found the perfect shirt, you can use those same measurements for any of our other shirts in the future.

Your Collar

Timeless details such as collar styles can be ammended to suit whether you wear it with or without a tie/bowtie. The variety of collar shapes to offer will make your look even more outstanding.

Finer details

Make it personal by adding a finish touch to your cuff or waist with a subtle or contrast embroidery. A spectacular detail for those big moments in life.

Styling Advice

Here, Lewis Yates partners with Eton as the team walks us through summer wedding styles, office wear and how way to fold a pocket square.

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