Laboratory Perfumes is no ordinary fragrance house. Since its creation in London in 2011, it has pursued the

qualities that make up timelessly wearable scents, that both men and women love. At a time when many

perfumes lean towards something overly complicated, fussy and exclusionary, Laboratory Perfumes is an

unconventional breath of fresh air.

To date, five fragrances have been imagined in five eaux de toilette and scented candles. Each scent

has been scientifically formulated to interact and evolve with skin it comes into contact with, to create

something completely charming and unique to the wearer. The energetic top notes are at their most playful

in the morning when the scent is fresh, while the headier, richer base notes really come into their own as

your day evolves. While ‘trendy’ notes come and go, timelessly classic fragrances that go big on the

details – and where the wearer is a key ‘ingredient’ - are here to stay.

Laboratory Perfumes wasn’t born of a traditional fragrance house or from years of catering for a

sometimes-fickle perfume industry, instead founder, Aaron Firth, chartered a more unconventional course.

Ignoring existing industry norms, he has taken fragrance making back to basics and crafted a series of

scents that are governed only by nature and take their inspiration from the flowers, herbs and aromatic

botanicals native to Britain and beyond.